I am guessing that part of why you are here is because you are overwhelmed, burned out or stressed.

Work/life balance…? Is that actually a thing? When you care for other people as your entire job — for some of you, this happens both at home AND work — it can start to feel like too much.

The game seems rigged, and the truth is, it kind of is rigged. You can’t possibly do your job the way you do it, take care of your family the way you want to, and maintain your sanity. You’re under far too much stress. This might translate into anxiety, sleeplessness or sadness. You might notice feeling tired or disconnected all the time. To cope, you might be numbing out by spending a ton of time on social media, or by overeating or over-drinking. It may be to the point where you and your partner are fighting a lot more than usual.

You’ve dedicated your life to caring for others…but what are you doing to take care of yourself and your relationships? To renew the energy you need to keep giving?

Together we can create space for you to figure out what parts of your life need repair, attention, healing, or breathing room. What you need to add and what you need to subtract.

OK. I can hear you saying, “If I’m so overworked, how will I find the time for yet another commitment?” We can figure that part out. Don’t get me wrong: The time and money involved in therapy is an investment. But I truly believe that investing in yourself is never a mistake.

We will find a way for you to lower your stress, create more balance, rediscover your professional passion and creativity, and repair strained relationships.

Have a look around my website, and if you think I can help, I hope you’ll get in touch to schedule a consultation. And if you want to receive tips, tricks and ideas for managing stress and improving your relationships in your inbox, sign up for my e-newsletter.

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