You’ve worked so incredibly hard to build the life and career that you have…and yet, something is missing.

You feel overtaxed at work. There’s a lot of pressure on you all the time, and you hardly ever feel caught up.

And then you get home, and you’re not all that happy with what you see there, either. Your partner is on you for getting home late, or for not being able to put down your phone. You don’t have the energy for your children that you wish you had. You feel guilty and sad that you don’t like your life more.

The good news: You do NOT have to feel ground down to a pulp by Mom Guilt (or Dad Guilt, for that matter…). You don’t have to settle for a surfacey marriage that’s only about kid-care logistics and syncing your Google calendars — when you’re not bickering or criticizing each other. Therapy offers a way out of the doldrums, whether you choose to come in on your own or with your partner.

Chronic stress is a tricky beast. It shows up differently for different people. For you, it might translate into trouble sleeping, vague sadness that’s hard to pin down, or worries that play on repeat in your mind. You might get sick more than you’re used to. You might notice feeling exhausted or disconnected a lot of the time. To cope, you might be numbing out by spending a ton of time on social media, or by overeating or over-drinking. It may be to the point where you and your partner are questioning whether you have what it takes to last.

As someone with a demanding, caregiving profession, it is ESSENTIAL that you to devote time and energy to caring for yourself and your relationships. To renew the energy you need to keep giving, and so that you have a solid family to come home to at the end of the day.

But if you’re anything like a lot of my clients, there’s a part of you that’s frustrated that you can’t figure this out on your own. You’re used to relying on yourself. That’s a strength. There also comes a point where you need an outside perspective, someone who can see things with more clarity and objectivity. If there were a quick fix to all this, you would have found it by now.

I can hear you saying, “If I’m so overworked, how will I find the time for yet another commitment?” We can figure that part out. Don’t get me wrong: The time and money involved in therapy is an investment. But at the risk of sounding like a self-help book, investing in yourself is never a mistake. It’s not! Without emotional wellness, you’ve got nothing.

We will find a way for you to lower your stress, find ways to relax and be present, rediscover your professional passion and creativity, and repair strained relationships.

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