Premarital workshops

If you’re planning to get married, now is a perfect time to take stock of your relationship and do some preventative work. My premarital workshops are highly individualized and tailored to your needs and preferences as a couple. I will strive to understand your particular dynamics, quirks, strengths and weaknesses.

This is a relatively small investment in time and money that will pay off for the rest of your lives.  Attending sessions will help you lay the groundwork for a healthy, long-lasting relationship by:

* Strengthening your bond as a couple — NOW is the time to build intimacy and establish meaningful rituals and routines. The more work you can do to feel close and connected before things get complicated (i.e. you’re balancing children, jobs and the needs of aging parents), the better you’ll be able to maintain your marriage over time.

* Improving communication skills — being able to express your emotions, needs and desires is essential to a functioning relationship over the long term. Without good communication, small disagreements and resentments will corrode your relationship.

* Troubleshooting sticking points or weaknesses  — all couples have them! It’s so much easier to change worrisome patterns now, while you’re in the process of negotiating what your marriage will look like. And learning skills for changing unwanted patterns will serve you in the future if and when new distressing patterns emerge.

* Preparing for future hardships — you can’t predict how your life together will go. But you can talk about how you will handle certain possibilities, such as an unexpected pregnancy, a child with special needs, financial strain due to job loss, or your parents’ needs as they age. You may uncover differences of opinion that are best resolved now, before you’re in the middle of a crisis.

* Clarifying your beliefs and expectations about marriage — without making your expectations explicit, you may be in for unpleasant surprises down the road when you discover that you disagree on a deal breaker issue (e.g. what counts as cheating, how important sex is to your relationship, whether to have children and how many).

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