I am obsessed with group therapy, and I come by it honestly: I’ve spent hundreds of hours in groups, both as facilitator and participant, and I can attest to the powerful transformations that are possible. I think it’s one of the best ways to learn about yourself, build connection and camaraderie, and improve self-expression.

Current groups:

Relationship Group: This group is for anyone who wants to have better, healthier relationships. Maybe you have trouble getting the words to come out right when you’re arguing with your partner. (You have a lot of good stuff to say…but in the moment you don’t express it the way you want to.) Or maybe you’re trying to figure out how to STOP doing what you always do in relationships, whether that’s shutting down, shouting, people-pleasing, saying things you instantly regret, or becoming angry when really you’re hurt. Group work is SUCH an effective way to see our own patterns more clearly, in 3D, and in a setting where it’s possible to make changes IN REAL TIME.

Clinician Process Group: For therapists working in community mental health or nonprofit settings.

Burnout Workshop Series (6 weeks): All about preventing/reversing burnout and managing stress.

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