About me


About me & my approach

Most of our happiness is tied in some way to the health of our relationships. When our relationships are out of order, so are we.

The reverse is also true: When we’re not doing well in some way, the strain of it can spill over into our relationships. Sometimes these relationships start to fray.

Here’s the thing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or burned out, chances are you are neglecting something really important that you want or need. You probably just haven’t figured out a) what it is or b) how to make it happen yet.

I’ve teetered on the edge of burnout at various points in my own career. For years I worked in community mental health and grappled with the fast pace, the high acuity, the high volume. Productivity, EMR, leadership changes, all of it.

But to be honest, it wasn’t the job itself that generated my stress: it was the intersection of my career and my family life.

It was the constant pressure to find “the perfect balance,” as if that actually exists. The pressure I put on myself to be an awesome, devoted therapist, AND a fully-present, joyful mom with endless patience for her children, AND a fun, interesting and supportive partner to my husband.


In time and through my own personal work, I’ve learned that self-care is much more than picking from a menu of options like massages and long walks.

It’s about figuring out what you want most desperately and honoring it — even when what you want seems impossible or unattainable. That’s self-care.

But it’s easier said than done. You’re probably looking for some tools, some guidance, a roadmap of some kind, and someone to be with you while you sort things out.

As a therapist,

  • I provide my clients with groundedness, warmth, and lots of honest reflections. I’m open-minded and creative.
  • I want to help you see your problems in a different way so you can tackle them differently and better.
  • I make mistakes! I want to hear when I’ve missed the mark, or if I’ve said something you don’t like. I welcome direct feedback on how therapy is going for you and how the process could be better.
  • I won’t superimpose my own agenda on you. While I may have some suggestions or ideas for you, I won’t tell you how to live your life or load up our sessions with aggressive advice.
  • If I think you’re avoiding something important, I’ll definitely tell you. I’m usually pretty good at doing this in a way that people can hear and absorb.

You deserve to live life in a way that feels good to you, that’s in line with your deepest-held values, and is not overly burdened by the expectations and desires of others. Knowing how you feel and why is essential for healing and for the development of healthy relationships.

Education & Experience

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and a proud graduate of the Family Therapy Training Program at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. I did my internship at Highland Family Medicine, a primary care practice with behavioral health integrated on site. I then spent five years working at Evelyn Brandon, an urban community mental health clinic where I saw clients for individual, couple/family and group therapy and eventually also supervised interns and other staff therapists.

I transitioned to full-time private practice in August 2017 and absolutely love the freedom and energy it has given me.

I love mindfulness-based approaches to treatment and I meditate daily.

I have a special affinity for helping health care professionals on the front lines of hospitals and practices all throughout our community, because I know how hard this work can be.



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